Dec 21, 2013

Here in America: Lean Times

Most of my favorite blogs have dwindled over time.  Some post only rarely now, others have stopped posting all together and their blogs have lain dormant for years now.  There are voices that I miss, windows on the world that I enjoyed looking through and whose views enriched my life.  But I get it.  For a lot of reasons, a blog can fade away.  Maybe Facebook becomes an easier way to share your life with friends and family.  Maybe the reason for writing the blog in the first place disappears with a change in residence, work, or philosophy of life.  Perhaps a life change (like getting married or having kids) just makes it hard to keep up with a regular blog anymore.

So, even as I've seen with so many others, I feel like my blog has withered a bit.  I have no intention of shuttering the blog, but I am willing to frankly admit that posts will likely be fewer and farther between for the foreseeable future.  The nature of my life right now simply doesn't allow for the carefully constructed, text and photo heavy posts that have been typical of this blog since I began it more than seven years ago.  I have some ideas about how I might revamp the blog in order to continue posting regularly, but I'm not going to commit to that right now either.  I will simply see how things go.

One thing is certain though.  I've been writing a journal since 1985, and the journal has survived multiple dry seasons through the years.  Given my track record, even as the posts dwindle to the occasional entry here andt there,  Here in America will likely stick around for a good long while to come.


Judith M. Edwards said...


I miss our good talks, via the blog and in person. I've been trying to bring back my blog recently, and can definitely relate to the ebb and flow of posting and writing, in general. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. Give my love to Barbara and your babes.


Mai said...

I can definitely resonate with the lean time - I've had a post I've been "working on" for months! I hope to keep mine alive, but it has been hard with how busy live has been. I enjoy your blog, so I hope you're able to post from time-to-time still! Love to you all!! Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

well, I'll be here when you do post!

love em!

your sis

Elizabeth Sanders Towns said...

Come visit me sometimes: I find a lot of blogs I like to visit through networkedblogs {}. They seem to stay around longer - and a lot of people that were on blogger have transferred over to wordpress and can’t link to the old blog. My first blog was on blogger, and still is here. I sometimes publish there still.