Dec 22, 2012

Third Person: "Did You Hear What I Heard?"

For the first time, I foray into fiction here in this blog with a series of short vignettes that seek to bring a fresh perspective to the Christmas story.  I originally used this story (and the the three that will follow) as a monologue that I shared with my class for morning worship last week.

Did you hear what I heard?

Yep.  It's true.  She's pregnant.

Of all people, right.  Little Miss Perfect got herself in trouble.  It's not really that surprising if you think about it.  It's always her kind. All prayers and innocence and It'll never happen to me, and when it does: I don't know how it happened. 

Well, J will leave her for sure.

Of course, it's not his!  From what my cousin told me she went away for a couple of months and when she came back, well, baggy clothes aren't fooling anybody. She sure got that backwards, huh.  Get knocked up then go away on trip to "see your cousin" for a few months and come back with your "nephew" that you're looking after for an ill relative.  

Yeah, she was sweet.  Just not the sharpest girl.

Anyway, J didn't travel with her so it can't be his.  And besides he's a good guy.  He'll find a way to privately end things, spare her as much embarrassment as possible, though everyone's gonna know the truth anyway.  But you know him, he'll never have an ugly word to say about her.

You know who I really feel for though?  The kid.  He'll never have a chance; his life is ruined from the start.  This will follow him, literally, for the rest of his life.  Just watch, he'll be running with the wrong crowd, in trouble with the authorities, and sadly he'll probably die young.  I know it's harsh, but look it the stats--she's doomed the child.  I'm telling you, he doesn't live past thirty give or take a few years.

It's a shame. God knows. . .

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Judith Marie said...

I'm glad to see you're writing fiction, Sean! :) Hope you are all well!