Nov 19, 2012

The First Day of The Rest of Our Lives

Today a family of three; tomorrow a family of four

Tomorrow, once again my world shifts forever.  They say that having a child changes your life, and I can attest that's true.  But what I suspect is also true is that having a second child changes your life all over again.

It wasn't like this with Elijah.  He came like a thief in the night and there was no time to prepare.  Parenthood was thrust upon us three weeks early, and we hit the ground running, making it up as we went along.

But this time, we've had the chance to prepare: physically--Bab's bag has been in the trunk of the car for the past four weeks, the crib is set up, our baby's clothes, diapers, wipes, are neatly stored and ready for use. Mentally, we, at least in theory know what to expect.  The sleeplessness, the diaper changes, we've been through it all before so we should be ready (though I'm amazed by how much I can no longer remember about those early days with Elijah).  But emotionally. . .I'm not sure how to be ready.  I don't know that I can truly be prepared for a change of this magnitude.

What I've realized with the imminent arrival of our second son is that this is really the beginning of what will, by the grace and mercy of God, be the "normal" for our family for the rest of our lives.  The eleven years Babs and I had together, and the four years with the just the three of us will be dwarfed by the decades to come as a family of four.  It feels like such a huge change for our oldest, but I realize that for him he will barely remember a life without his brother, and his mother and I will remember these past four years as a brief time before our family settled into the form that we know it.

Tomorrow, my lovely, strong, wife, the mother of my children and my best friend will go to work to bring our son into the world, and I'll be by her side.  And with us the One who has been with us all along.  My prayer for both my boys is that what has been true for me will be true for them too:

"For Thou Art my hope, O Lord God, Thou art my confidence from my youth. By Thee, I have been sustained from my birth.  Thou art He who took me from my mother's womb; My praise is continually of Thee"
               --Psalms 71:5-6

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Mai said...

Such a lovely tribute! My favourite line is, "...will be dwarfed by the decades to come as a family of four" - beautiful imagery and perspective. And it's so true that from this moment on will be the way you remember things forever! So incredible and momentous! My thoughts and prayers will be with you all throughout the night & morrow.... and until there's an update on how little Ezra & Mama are doing!!