Jan 6, 2012

What a Way to Start the New Year!

Talk about a win-win situation!

So we were on our way back from a fantastic week in Oregon with our dear friend Carol Paez and her tribe (look for an upcoming blog on our visit), and we had a layover in Chicago.  While we were waiting at the gate, Barbara heard them calling for volunteers to be bumped as the flight was oversold.  They were offering $400 per traveler in flight coupons, and later flights to Columbus and Dayton.

At first when Babs suggested we volunteer to be bumped, I was unenthusiastic.  "No, let's just get home."  Anyone who knows me, knows I hate a change of plans.  But after about two minutes of reflection I gave myself a mental smack across the face:  "What's the matter with you?  Pass up $1200 in flight vouchers just to get home a little sooner?"

We volunteered to be bumped and that choice turned out to be even better than I'd first realized.  They only had one seat to Columbus four hours later., but they had three seats to Dayton a mere half hour after our original flight was scheduled to leave.  We had no choice but to take the Dayton flight, and it was a good thing too.  You see, we'd left Kimo with Bab's parents in Dayton and the plan had been that the next day I would drive down to their house, pick her up, and bring her back.  With our change in travel plans, the Leens met us at the Dayton airport with Kimo.  We drove in a rented car back to Columbus, picked up our car at the airport, and were home maybe three hours later than we otherwise would have been, but with lots of free air travel to cash in, and Kimo home with us already.

The next day, relaxing at home, watching the snow come down, I was doubly grateful that United Airlines had essentially flown me to Dayton to get my dog and paid me for their trouble to boot!

If the start is any indication, this going to be fantastic year!


Mai said...

Awesome!!! Cheers to an awesome year!! :D

Bev said...

Score! Sounds like it was worth the wait. Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

That story belongs in the Review!