Jun 30, 2011

"Seaing" an Old Friend

I have missed the sea.

I didn’t really realize this until I was onboard the Sensation, late in the afternoon, after the coast of Florida had receded into the distance.  Leaning against the railing, looking out into the endless vastness of the ocean, I was reminded of the vista from the edge of Banzai Cliff, from the peak of Mt. Tapochau, from the cliffs of Naftan Point, and it was like seeing an old friend again.  I realized the last time I’d seen the sea was when I was last in Saipan.  It had been way too long.

After that I took a glance out of every window as I walked about the ship, always kept my gaze angle seaward as I strolled the decks, thrilling in the beautiful sight of the great ocean around me.

I suppose the immensity of the sea could be a bit terrifying, but for me the feeling is more one of awe.  The ocean, like her Creator, puts you in perspective by virtue of her sheer size and power.  Of course the difference is that while I can know and love the sea, she cannot know and love me—she is big, but the soulfulness in her sparkling beauty is but an illusion.  She feels nothing.  But when I look at the ocean, I can’t help but think of our Creator—the One who made the sea and who made, knows, and loves me.  

“. . .He who calls for the waters of the sea, and pours them out on the face of the earth, the Lord is His name.”  Amos 9:6b

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Mai said...

There's nothing like that BLUE of the ocean.... and the sound..... and the smell..... and the feeling of salt on your skin! The ocean is grey here. And cold. It's just not quite the same.