May 28, 2011

ElijahQuotes on Twitter

So, I finally joined the Twitterverse. I did it in order to hear Mat Kearney's new single, "Hey Mama" which he had released on Twitter for 24 hours a few weeks back. After taking a listen, I did nothing else while I pondered what to do with my newfound outlet to the world. I always knew that if I ever began tweeting it would have to be something more than inane updates about "what I'm doing right now."

I finally hit upon an idea. When J and I were student missionaries in Chuuk, we both made a habit of writing down quotes--funny, insightful, and just plain weird things that our students and colleagues used to say. Those quotes, more than our full journal entries, do more than just about anything else to take us back to that special year of our lives. So, with that in mind, I've decided to use Twitter to record all the new, funny, and interesting things that our son says from time to time. It seems like every day he says something that makes us smile or laugh, something that indicates growth in his understanding of the world around him. Twitter, with it's 140 character limit, seemed the perfect place to share these little pearls from our Little Feller.

Now I know for many the musings of a toddler are about as inane as what I had for breakfast this morning, but that's okay. But for those that know and love Elijah and think you'd enjoy keeping up with what he has to say, I invite you to follow me on Twitter at @maycocksean.

The first two quotes are already up!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy aunty dawn in being sucked into the twitterverse!

Great idea though! Perhaps I'll join you and post Jamie's words. Right now it's "buhd" for bird and "duh-hee" for ducky.

Mai said...

Great Kearney song!

And ya oughta pat yourself on the back - or maybe Elijah's back - you actually got me to LOOK at twitter! I'm not gonna sign up or anything, but I really enjoyed reading all his comments and will follow it for his sake! You've got quite the little character on your hands there! :D