Feb 20, 2010


I wouldn't go so far as to say I hate the snow, and I have been enjoying the many snow days we've had this past month. (We only had two days of school this past week, and three full days the week before).

But it is getting to be a little much. I have never seen our new apartment without it's blanket of snowfall. It's only by faith that I know there is grass in the yard surrounding our place because I've never seen it. We got slammed by our third snowstorm this winter this past week, with heavy snowfall beginning on Presidents Day and continuing through Wednesday morning. This one was probably the worst we've had so far--we had probably 12 inches of accumulation on top of the snow that was still on the ground from the last storm. Below and above are some pictures I took during one of our snow days. The majority of what you see in these pictures is the result of straight snowfall, not drifting or snowplow piles.

This is my car buried in snow.

Winter here in America is not as bad as I thought it would be, but I am looking forward to spring, when I won't have to "warm up the car" in the morning, when taking the Feller outside won't be a production, when the roads will be less hazardous, and, of course, the temperatures will be warmer.

It's a little warmer now-above freezing, that is--and some of the snow is beginning to melt. But winter isn't through with us yet. More snow is predicted for Sunday night and Monday morning.


Mai said...

Wow, that's pretty insane! I don't think I could handle that much snow! I'm glad it didn't materialize for the Olympics! We did (mostly) fine without it!!

The Beachcomber said...

Cold! I'd love to be able to see snow again. Keep warm, buds!