Oct 17, 2009

The Turning

Day by day here in America, autumn draws upon us. For the first time in 12 years we are here to witness the turning--of the leaves, of the temperatures, of the hours of daylight.. The shorts and zorries are put away. We're scrambling through our closet of warm weather clothes looking for things that will keep us reasonably warm. The turning season has it's own special beauty though, and we're soaking it up.

The first tree in Barbara's parents front yard to turn. This photo was taken last Sabbath. Today, her crimson colors are deeper still and a lot of those leaves are on the ground now.

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Mai said...

Hey! You stole another blog idea! ;) It's lookin' pretty here too. I never missed it or thought about it when I was gone, and I don't think I appreciated it all those years before, but since I'm here now, I might as well enjoy it. So I stopped on my way home from school the other day to snap some photos... I'll blog about it soon!