Jan 16, 2009

Family Photo Album

Babs and Elijah with her parents at the airport on the day we flew back to Saipan, Monday, January 5, 2009.

My family at my Uncle Sy's wedding. December 28, 2008. (From L to R, my brother Vince, me, Babs, my sister Dawn, Elijah, my soon-to-be brother-in-law Jim, and my mom).

Elijah with his Nona, my mom. I really love this picture of the two of them.

My sister sent me more pictures from our time in Florida this past December, and as promised I'ved added them here, along with some photos we took on our last day in Ohio with Barbara's parents, to make a family photo album. Enjoy!

Elijah with his grandparents at the airport.

Grandpa Leen with Elijah

Elijah and Dawn

The Wedding

Jim and Elijah

Cousin Yvette and Dawn

Babs and Yvette

Dawn & Babs

Me and my boy

Grandma and her great-grandsons (her oldest great-grandson, above, the son of my cousin Nabih, and her youngest great-grandson, Elijah, below)

Yvette with her dad, Uncle Slimen Saliba at his wedding.

My family

Aren't they lovely?


Mai said...

Beautiful pictures! That last one of Barbara and Elijah is super cute, and I especially like the one of Dawn and Elijah - his eyes are sooo big! You have one adorable son on your hands! And it's so great to see you enjoying fatherhood so much!

Ken & Crystal Pierson said...

Very great family photo album! Lovely pics of Dawn and Yvette!

Bev said...

Awww! Elijah is growing up so fast! I want to pinch those cheeks! I loved the pic of your mom and Elijah! Miss you guys! Take care.

XianXian said...

wow!!! Your son's getting cuter!!
He grew so much!!

It's nice to see your family pictures. ^^;;

I'm doing fine!!!

take care!!

XianXian said...

Happy New Year, and i hope everything goes well in 2009!!

Whimsy Peddler said...

Cutest family EVER! The women are handsome! The men are beautiful! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Be well, my friend!

PS. I'm enjoying the book.

Gloria Pierson said...

Lovely to see all the family pictures! Elijah is certainly growing up to be a handsome dude!!! You must have had a wonderful family time in the USA. Obviously Elijah is well fed!!!