Jul 18, 2008

Malou and Family: The Long Walk

3 Amigas: Carol, Malou, & Babs

Some of the people who came to see Malou and her kids off.

About ten days ago, on Wednesday, July 16, 2008, Malou Villegas Bautista and her three boys took the Long Walk and left Saipan for the very last time. Of course we expected after 31 years in Saipan there might be a few people at the airport to send Malou off, but what we didn't count on was the added impact of her having three teen-aged sons. Their friends showed up in droves to say goodbye and wish them a safe journey. It was a beautiful gathering with a lot of laughter and tears, and of course, plenty of hugs.

By this time The Bautistas should be settling into their new home in New Zealand. This blog is for their family and for all who know and love them. We miss you!

Malou with her eldest, Rene.

Malou's second-eldest, EJ, on the right, with a friend. I've known both of these boys for years. I was the sponsor of EJ's 8th grade class and the coach of his championship basketball team. Both boys spent a year or two in REAL Christian Theater as well.

Malou's youngest son with his girlfriend. How sweet!

Some of the people who are missing Malou right now: "Little Sister", Carol, Lori Cerna, John Moreno, and Babs with Malou in the middle in white.

Malou with family and friend.

I though Malou might appreciate this snippet of the prayer Pastor prayed for her family before they left.

Usually the Long Walk is reserved for teachers at the SDA School, but there are certain special individuals that are given that honor as well. Malou and her family are among them. So this is is their Long Walk. (And it is loooong. . .just over 3 minutes of video).

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Bev said...

Ahhh, I miss Malou already. Thanks for sharing pics.