Mar 7, 2008

Big News about a very little person!

There are a very few times in life where one little event can change your life forever. We tend to think of these little earthquakes, these seismic shifts in our lives, as bad things--but there's at least one such shift that I think you'll agree is well. . .wonderful.

This video of Babs and I sharing our big news with our students at our Friday joint worship was filmed by Mai and lovingly edited by Vero. Thanks, friends, for helping us share our news with the kids. . .and the world. The first and second grade students were hilarious--we never expected that telling the kids about our baby on the way would be so funny! If you listen carefully you'll hear one of the little kids say to Barbara: "Do you have a husband?" She apparently never put the two Maycocks together! Later on another kid asked, "Will the baby be the principal of the school?"

So yes, we are--finally, I can imagine some of you sighing with relief--having a baby! It still doesn't seem quite real yet. There are many milestones still to come before the big day (which the doctor tells us will be around September 21, my mom's birthday!)--seeing the ultrasound and finding out if it's Elijah or Summer, feeling the baby kick, hearing it's heartbeat. Right now, having just finished the first trimester the only signs at this point are Bab's bouts with nausea (which are decreasing now) and her highly selective tastebuds! We are excited and grateful and we hope you'll keep all of us--our growing baby, Barbara, and myself in your prayers.

From my pen and paper journal written on the day we found Barbara was pregnant, Sunday, January 20, 2008:

Today my life changed forever. I'm going to be a father! I still can't believe it, but the two red lines don't lie. Babs is pregnant! I'm excited, scared, happy, sad, hopeful, worried, and still in disbelief. I know the experience we're going through has has happened for billions of people but it feels like it's the first time it's ever happened in the history of the world. Part of me and part of Babs is growing inside her and is going to become a person--a person who belongs to us. Amazing. Thank you, God!


Vero in Saipan said...

CONGRATS to you both! i'm so happy for u and i KNOW that you'll both make great parents! love u both and am so glad that i'm able to be out here and share in this joyous occasion with you! LOVE U BOTH...well Love u ALL (baby included)

Anonymous said...

My brother my brother. I am beyond excited. That was a hilarious video. Can't wait to visit your home and meet my niece/nephew:)

See you soon,

Mai said...

I'm so overjoyed and excited for the two of you! I don't know where the good Lord will take me next year, but I hope to one day meet little Maycock!

Beverly Mae said...

Congrats Sean and Barbara! You are going to making amazing parents! Love the name choices!

Rosana Amanda said...

CONGRATS!!! You Guys!!!! i am so very excited for ya'll. You guys will be EXCELLENT parents! I hope one day I will get to meet ya'll little bundle of joy! God Bless!

P.S. If you change your mind about the name Rosana is

Love Ya'll!!

Brit's Blog said...

I'm so happy for you two!! I can't wait =) Congrats...You and Barbara are going to make some awesome dynamic parents. God Bless!!!

When is the due date?
boy or girl?
do you have a preference?
okay..okay..enough..just please keep me informed ;)

Aya said...

OH MY GOSH! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

adam said...

WHOA!!!WHOA!!!WHOOOA!!! wow, so u guys finally got around to it!!?? congratulations!! whats his/her name??? WHOA!!