Jan 21, 2008

January Scrapbook

Window to the Sea: Jess and Judith sit on a ledge looking out to sea at the hidden pool at Forbidden Island. Sabbath, January 19, 2008.

Posing with the fish: Me, scuba diving. Sunday, January 20, 2008

Teachers at Last Command Post, Sabbath, January 12, 2008

I'm not the only man anymore. Our two new male teachers at Banzai Cliff, Sabbath, January 12, 2008. They are both here temporarily for our ESL Winter School--they leave at the beginning of March. Cornell, an Australian by way of Canada is on the left. He arrived on Saipan on Friday, January 11. Anthonee arrived in December and in addition to teaching, he is helping me coach the basketball team! I'm very greatful for his help and expertise.

Anthonee and Cornell with Suicide Cliff in the background.

Kimo came with us on our Sabbath afternoon island tour. She's actually getting better on the leash these days.

Some of our teachers at Suicide Cliff, Sabbath, January 12, 2008. From L to R: Mai, Antonee, Cornell, Missy, Veronyka, Girlie, Bev (honorary teacher :) ), Amy, Riki, Me, Babs, and Kimo.

Our Dollar!

Back when we first started taking scuba lessons, Jessica spotted a dollar on the ocean floor. I picked it up and it become "Our Dollar" which we determined to spend together on something special at some point in the future. Well that point in the future arrived last Sunday, January 13 after our annual school walkathon and the something special was 35 cent ice cream cones at McDonalds (about the only thing we could both get and spend a dollar or less).

The dollar is officially SPENT!

The fruits of Our Dollar (We each pitched in an extra dollar to get fries with that!)

Church youth group hike to Forbidden Island, Sabbath, January 19, 2008

Some of the church youth on the rocks near Forbidden.

Judith and a student pose in front of Forbidden Island. It was too rough to cross over and climb the island itself that day.

Our 8th grade class president out amongst the tide pools.

The Hidden Pool at Forbidden Island. You can swim over where you see the light filtering in to a ledge that overlooks another pool which leads to another ledge after which is the churning ocean itself. That last ledge can be deadly--last year several kids were swept away by a large wave while standing on that last ledge. We all stayed safely on the first ridge, which still provides an awesome front row seat to the magnificent, raw power of the ocean.

One of our friends and church members, John Moreno, plays in the pool with a young friend.

Jessica, Me, and Mai at about 40 feet down. These fish were real hams. Sunday, January 20, 2008

We followed this Hawksbill turtle around for quite awhile. Thanks to Ken and Crystal for the dive photos and letting us newbies gain some dive experience under their guidance. You guys are awesome!

Missy says goodbye to Derek, Myla, and their son. She left this morning and I miss her already


Beverly said...

Yay! You're diving again! We will have to plan a boat dive in Feb! That Forbidden hike was fun . . . glad we all got in the underground cave pool=)

the Purpose said...

You've become Mr. Adventure. Way to go, Stud! Thanks for posting a bunch of pictures. I loved 'em. Strength and honor.

Ps. I like the new song.