Dec 25, 2007

This years team at the halfway mark: Back row, L to R, Judith,our creative, committed, outstanding 5-7 Homeroom teacher; Missy, our fundraising coordinator and all-round school cheerleader back for her second tour of duty; Mai--also back for a second year--our 3/4 teacher and one of the best teachers I've ever worked with; Eva, our 1/2 teacher with a powerful voice and heart of gold; Veronyka, our kindergarten teacher and passionate missionary; Amy, our skillful and professional pre-school director; Joeiy, our reliable "lifesaver" at both pre-school and elementary campuses.

Middle Row: Me--the lone male this year (trust me there are worse things than working with a bevy of beautiful, brainy, and talented women) ; Babs, our bold and beautiful leader; Virle; our hardworking accountant and Bab's right hand for three years now.

Front Row: Jessica, our spirited and dedicated ESL/Bible/P.E./Science teacher and Riki, our super-cool and super-committed pre-school teacher

Last year, I called them rock stars. This year--maybe because I've been watching last season's episodes of Heroes on DVD during my break, but more likely because in a letter he wrote me a few weeks back no less an entity than "Mr. Incredible" himself (aka Grant Graves) referred to them as such--I call them action heroes.

Halfway through the year, they're going strong. The year hasn't always been easy. There have been dark times, times when despair and disillusionment threatened to overwhelm. There have been times when they've felt they've let themselves and others down. But like heroes always do, they've picked themselves up with a groan and a wince and thrown themselves back into the battle. And they're still here. Still fighting. They are making a difference that will last a lifetime. They give 100% of themselves to the kids and to the school, they've worked hard, they've refused to give up. I feel lucky to have them on our team and I remain convinced that God brought them each for a special purpose here in Saipan.

Right now they're scattered all over the globe--literally. Judith an Jessica are backpacking through Southeast Asia. Riki is discovering Pohnpei. Mai and Eva are in North America, and a few of us--Vero, Missy, Amy, Virle, Joeiy, and Babs & I are holding down the fort here in Saipan. But we'll be back together with the start of the new year, ready to dive back into the fray. New adventures await and I have no doubt these heroes will rise to the challenge!

The Runners: Jessica, Judith, Mai, and myself go running together three times a week. Here we pose for our portrait, ready to race!


Mai said...

You're right, this year's team is very different from the Rockstars of last year.....but I think Action Heroes is a good name. It's hard to believe we're already halfway through the year - time has just flown by with Kagman, Scuba, and all the other things that seem to take up every ounce of our time! And yes, there have been some tough times, but the beauty of it is that looking back over the past 5 months, those tough times seems to shrink into the background and I mostly only remember the great times we've had! I know the next 5 months are gonna soar by just as quickly, but I'm looking forward to all the good times to come!

Mr. Graves said...

It's nice to hear about your new crew. I'm glad that they are doing a good job, but not suprised in the least bit.

Ken & Crystal said...

Oh those bad dogs xo .... funny I didn't "notice" the dog pics before ... but I remember the chips pic! I love Kettle chips too! Happy Friday!