Nov 9, 2007

Recommended Reading

Well, I'm finally getting around to spiffing up my blog a little bit. One of my first tasks was to update my list of links. There are a couple of blogs I read quite regularly and you know what? You should too!

Herewith my take on some of my favorite blogs, many of which have been newly added to my link list. Check em out:

Grant's Blog--This guy can outwrite most people with one arm tied behind his back. His entries at GrantNGeorgia are always thought provoking and Grant always manages to draw a fresh perspective from the ordinary moments of life's journey.

Bev's Blog--Bev's blog, Bubbles in Paradise, is an island classic, the perfect blend of newsy updates on her quite exciting life and disarming and charming glimpses into her heart. She also has links to just about every blog on Saipan.

Mai's Blog--If you get tired of waiting for my next post, and want to know what's going on in our lives in Saipan, the place to go to get the latest news at a glance is Mai At A Glance. She's probably the most consistent poster, and her thoughtful, articulate posts cover just about every major happening in the SDA community on Saipan.

Judith's Blog--If poetic prose and vivid, memorable wordplay is your thing you'll love Judith's literary and open-hearted blogs about life as a student missionary teacher in Saipan. Her Tales of a Whimsy Peddler are sure to bring a smile to your face and touch your heart.

Riki's Blog-If you're short on time but want to get the big picture of what's happening in Saipan, Riki's blog Me, Myself and Island is the place to go. Her brief once a week posts summarize all the key events in the Saipan SDA community with her trademark understated humor and grace. Her "Saipanisms" at the end of each entry are a highlight.

Brit's Blog--This is the blog of our kindergarten teacher from last year, Britni Gleason. You have to be invited to read her blog BDGSBlog, but if you are among the Lucky Ones, chances are you know Britni so her occasional posts about life as an OT student at Loma Linda University will be a must-stop destination as you tour the blogosphere.

Vero's Blog--Veronyka Perez is this year's kindergarten teacher. She posts a couple times of month, and her posts are full spiritual food for thought and her unique insights into teaching the little ones at Saipan SDA School. Veroynka is passionate about being a missionary and it shows in her blog, Vero in Saipan.

Jessica's Blog--I always stop in at Jessica's blog, Jess.I.Sm to see if she's posted recently. She doesn't post as frequently as some other bloggers (though, that may change in the future, right Jess), but when she does you can count on a charming, uinique perspective on the life of a student missionary in Saipan.

Marianas Eye--If you're looking for a perspective of life in Saipan outside of the SDA community , you can't do better than the Marianas Eye, the blog by my friend Dr. David Khoram. David is one of the sharpest minds around and his witty, good-natured posts always make me think. He's got his finger on the pulse of our island community and usually has some excellent insights on the important issues our island is facing.

Ken & Crystal's Blog--The Pierson's blog is THE place to go to see fantastic photography. Both Ken and Crystal have a real gift for photography and their blogs are always glossy and beautiful. Saipan never looked so good as when seen through the perceptive lens of Ken & Crystal's Adventures. Their pictures could easily put National Geographic out of business.

Each of these blogs is unique it's own way, each contributes toward a full picture of the life we all share here in Saipan. I hope you'll take the time to visit the sites above. I think you'll be glad you did.


Whimsy Peddler said...

Awww, Sean! What kind words you have for us all. See, that's what I mean, you have very purposeful posts, unlike my very self-centered information. I will learn from you. PS. I like your description of my blog. I'm flattered...

Marianas Eye said...

It's an honor to get kudos from you. Thanks, Sean!


Bev said...

love your new look Sean. Always a great read=)