Sep 14, 2007

The Last Long Walk: Larene Leaves

Larene & Me at the airport, Wednesday, September 5, 2007

When I think of Larene, I will always think of her smile.

I didn't know Larene as well as I knew many the other teachers. Last year she was the Pre-School Director so she was always at this campus, and even though she lived with Virle and Joiey on our compound, we never hung out very much. I probably spent more time with Larene in the first three weeks of this school year than I did in all of last year. But Larene never made me feel like a stranger. She always greeted me with a warm smile and an open heart. She could have just given me a polite nod and a simple wave, but she gave us all, whether close friend or more distant work colleague, the gift of her brilliant smile and a cheerful greeting.

I was impressed by Larene's dedication to her job teaching Grades 5/6 while we waited for Judith to arrive. She could have just marked time and showed videos, but she didn't. She seemed to put her whole heart into her class and her work with them. And when the time to leave her new set of kids came, I was moved by her tears and by her obvious love for the kids in her care. I'll miss having the opportunity to know get know her better.

Larene, I wish you every happiness and every success. Go with God and He'll keep you smiling!

Larene Delos Reyes left us for her next big adventure about a week and a half ago on Wednesday, September 5. She left with a pack on her back, tears in her eyes, and, of course, a smile on her face.

Larene receives a Certificiate of Appreciation from Barbara on her last day of work at our weekly Joint Worship.

Larene with a lot of people who love her and will miss her (Wednesday, September 5, 2007)

Larene's Long Walk

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