Apr 7, 2007

New Singapore Pictures!

I've added a few more pictures to my Singapore blogs from my student "Holly's" extensive collection. She took some 500 photos and generously shared them all with Barbara and I:

Here's what I've added and where to find it, so you can decide whether you want to scroll down and take a look:

Impressions of Singapore: a new slide show with some of Holly's pictures showing views of the city of Singapore, especially all the trees. Also I have some two pictures of the many "fine" signs in Singapore and a photo of the graphic warning labels on tobacco products in Singapore.

Singapore Day 2: Shot of class in front of Snow City

Singapore Day 4: Zoo sign explaining about the skinny camel, two pictures of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

Singapore Day 6: Shot of class in front of the Southeast Asia Union Headquarters.


Bev said...

Spring time in Saipan is lovely! I love that we get to experience it year round! Smoothie night was so much fun and i can't believe you and Grant went back out to the jungle! Life is great on Saipan, eh?

Sean said...

Yes it is! Don't forget that when you're flying home. . .Have a safe journey and lots of fun! We'll see you when you get back!